Sustainable Subdivision Design

More and more, sustainability is becoming a way of life. With limited resources and a continually growing population, businesses, individuals, and organisations are each looking for ways to make what we have last. In essence, this is the cornerstone of sustainability. And sustainability can touch all aspects of civilization. Resources can be natural, manmade, or technological. By aiming to use all resources economically and effectively, sustainability helps to meet the needs of today’s community while ensuring that these same resources remain available to meet the needs of future populations.

Sustainable communities are springing up alongside this movement, and they can have a highly significant impact. Sustainable communities may incorporate the advantageous implementation of sustainable subdivisions. It’s not only about environmentally-friendly and energy efficient buildings, but involves the protection and proper use of resources in all elements of a subdivision. In these efforts, the skills and services of an experienced land surveyor are not only beneficial, they are a necessity.

Features of Sustainable Subdivisions

Sustainable subdivisions must be carefully planned to adhere to a stringent set of regulations or limitations that promote a green and sustainable community. This may be implemented through a variety of factors, but will likely include considerations such as energy efficiency of the development as a whole, environmental protection/conservation (building in a way that protects and preserves or incorporates existing natural spaces), a more conservative use of space, parking (as well as promoting walking, cycling, ridesharing, and other eco-friendly options) , green infrastructure, and more. As well, any local ordinances and zoning regulations put in place can help ensure specific sustainable standards are met for each property within a subdivision.

Where Does Land Surveying Fit In?

Any development project starts from the ground up. Land surveyors are a critical part of the process from the very beginning. As such, land surveyors have a huge impact on building sustainable subdivisions. Acting as advisors, surveyors can help developers use the land sustainably, and adhere to the proper regulations and specifications. In this way, land surveyors have an opportunity to influence the growth and success of sustainable subdivisions, and provide direction and guidance for high quality results. Land surveyors can help all aspects of the development process improve and encourage other professionals to strive for best practices, ensuring consistency and true sustainability.

In addition to guidance for individual properties, surveyors can assist in the development of subdivisions as a whole. In addition to expertise in traditional surveying tasks and land use, surveyors possess an understanding of water drainage and design, soil and pavement design, hazard identification, and any related legal concerns. These elements will play a large role in the promotion of an eco-friendly, sustainable neighbourhood, and the work of a land surveyor can ensure these are created accordingly.

The Future is Sustainable

Are you planning to develop a property or a site focused on sustainability? Our team at Leslie & Thompson can offer assistance at every level of your project. With the unique knowledge and experience to help you be successful and sustainable, we’re also a team that cares about preserving our environment and being wise stewards of our resources. Together, let’s build something that lasts.