Protect Your Investment With a Land Survey

Property is one of the greatest investments you can make. Not only is it financially prudent, as with investing in rental properties, but these investments are also emotionally and personally significant. Your biggest investment is likely to be your family home and surrounding land.

When it comes to an investment of this magnitude, shouldn’t you take steps to fully protect your property? While elements like home insurance and home security systems are important considerations, there’s another you may not have thought of in relation to protection: the land survey. With a land survey, you can afford your property investment some of the soundest protection available. Read on to find out more.

Before Taking the Leap

Before purchasing a property and land survey is a crucial step to ensure you’re getting exactly what you are paying for. A land survey at this juncture can catch and prevent problems that would potentially become serious issues down the line. Demonstrating the exact boundaries and dimensions of your future property allows you to see if there are any current disputes or encroachments. It can also prevent mistakes such as mistakenly erecting a fence past your own property line. Building on a neighbour’s property could cost you, as you’ll have to remove and reinstall the fence within your own boundaries. Avoid this type of error with a pre-purchase land survey.

Protecting Your Assets

Should you ever choose to leverage your property in order to secure loans or other investments, it is important to have a solid title on your land. A professional land survey can assist with this, showcasing well-defined boundaries and a lack of claims or disputes (which can decrease your property’s value). This is also a smart consideration if you opt to sell the property, as it can keep the value higher and engender a smoother sale.

Avoid Encroachment and Adverse Possession

Having an official, expertly completed land survey makes great strides in protecting you from future problems. In the case of encroachment (such as a neighbour installing a driveway that crosses through your property), you have a much stronger case to stop this from occurring. Without a land survey, legal fees and ongoing disputes can add up, costing you not only money, but your valuable time. By the same token, a land survey ensures you don’t fall victim to adverse possession. This legal “technicality” is designed to protect those who have a “claim” to the land. Those using your land without knowledge of their encroachment may be awarded rights to it via adverse possession. A professional land survey can nip this potential issue in the bud, ensuring your property remains entirely your own.
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