Common Land Surveying Mistakes & How to Avoid Them

Land surveying is careful and detailed work requiring the expertise of an experienced surveyor. However, this is an industry in which unfortunate mistakes do happen from time to time. Homeowners, contractors, business owners, architects and more all depend on land surveyors when buying or selling property or beginning a construction project. When surveyors make even minor errors, this can have serious ramifications and may result in lost time and money. Surveys that are incorrect could lead to faulty or misplaced construction, which can be an incredibly expensive fix. To avoid such costly mistakes, you should be sure you are hiring a professional, certified land surveyor.

Common Mistakes

Most survey mistakes are the result of surveyor disorganisation, negligence, or simple error. Working carefully with specialised equipment, there is also a possibility of these items not functioning properly or supplying inaccurate results. The most common mistakes surveyors experience include property line and boundary miscalculation, failing to account for easements, and errors in comparing map records and old data with newly acquired information.

Avoiding Land Surveying Mistakes

Surveyors can avoid such unfortunate mistakes in a few ways. First, surveyors should invest in ongoing training to make sure their skills are up to speed, and that they fully understand the latest and most effective technologies and methods. Second, a good surveyor will always check his equipment and keep it well-maintained. The best surveyors check their own results against previous maps, surveys, and documents, and meticulously check their own work for errors.

As a homeowner, architect, city planner, contractor, or business owner, you can avoid these errors in your land survey by selecting a reputable surveyor in your area. A quality land surveyor will take the steps listed above to excel in their field, and will be certified and licensed to carry out surveying activities.

Local Land Surveyor

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