Common Land Surveying Mistakes & How to Avoid Them

Land surveying is careful and detailed work, but like any industry, mistakes can and do happen. Homeowners, contractors, business owners and architects all depend on land surveyors when buying or selling property or beginning a construction project. When mistakes are made, even minor ones, the result can be lost time and money. Here are some of the most common surveying mistakes and what you can do to avoid them.

Common Mistakes

Most surveying mistakes are the result of equipment failure, miscommunication or miscalculation. Sometimes negligence or laziness is to blame, although thankfully, this occurs far less frequently. The most common surveying mistakes include

  • miscalculating property boundaries
  • failing to account for easements
  • errors in comparing map records and old data with newly acquired information
  • incorrect measurements
  • bias in results


And remember, clients can also make mistakes. The most common mistake made by clients is to obtain an old survey and assume that it is correct! 

Avoiding Land Surveying Mistakes

Experienced surveyors don’t usually make too many mistakes. Ongoing training, practical experience and industry knowledge combine to ensure that errors are kept to a minimum. An experienced surveyor will also ensure that their equipment is current and well maintained.

As a client, you can reduce the chance of surveying errors by choosing a reputable surveyor in your area. 

Local Land Surveyor

Leslie & Thompson is proud to be an established Shoalhaven surveyor with a commitment to excellence and keen attention to detail. We work hard to ensure your surveys are error-free and accurate. If you think you may need a land survey, please contact our friendly and experienced team today to discuss your needs.