Land Surveying and it’s Importance in Modern Society

The need for land surveying and the employment of qualified surveyors dates back thousands of years. One of the world’s oldest professions is still going strong today, and has a great deal of impact in our modern society. If you’ve ever bought or sold property, visited a town or city, or merely stepped inside a building, your life has almost certainly been touched by the work of a surveyor.

A Growing World

Even here in the Shoalhaven, we see around us that the world is growing. With over 7 billion people on earth, the population is growing at an annual rate of roughly 1.14%. This means a continued (and ever-expanding) need for homes, schools, government buildings, businesses, and more. Land surveyors will be vital figures as the planning for these projects occurs over the years. With a continuously burgeoning planet, it will be important to make room for this growth. Land surveying will ensure we continue establishing firm and clear boundaries, giving everyone a “fair share” of their land. Land surveyors will also make certain that our structures are built within safe distances of one another.

Moving Forward

Technology, too, is developing by leaps and bounds. With advancements in GPS and computerised systems, the methods and approaches used by surveyors are changing. Not only are they changing, but technology allows for these processes to become more efficient. Experienced and knowledgeable surveyors will be paramount to aligning this technological growth with its practical application. The complexities of new equipment and calculations will require calibration and alteration by those who understand their use best: land surveyors.
Protecting the Planet
With population growth and increased impact on our earth, land surveyors have a particular significance. With the pivotal role surveys play in any and all construction projects (among other things), land surveyors will be able to assist in minimising our environmental footprint. A skilled surveyor can assist contractors and businesses in making the best choices to protect our resources and to proceed with building in a way that is most efficient and “green.”

Everyday Assistance

As well as affecting large-scale projects, land surveyors will play a role in our everyday lives. Land surveying has a wide variety of uses. When dividing land into smaller parcels, for instance, you will require surveying services. Even an addition to your home is likely to necessitate a survey to ensure all proposed construction is in compliance with setbacks and other boundaries. As well, you may seek the services of a land surveyor when applying for home insurance. For flood zone coverage, as an example, an insurance company will often require a certification of land elevation completed by a certified surveyor.

It is clear that land surveying has a major role in our modern society today, and will continue to have a significant place in the years to come. Are you in need of highly-qualified land surveying services? Leslie & Thompson is located right here in the Shoalhaven, equipped and ready to serve the NSW South Coast.