The Importance of Identification Surveys for Property and Home Buyers

While an identification survey can be an important element in a property purchase, these days, more and more buyers seem to be foregoing them. Why is this? Partly, this may result from the advice of mortgage companies, real estate professionals, and title insurance companies, who don’t require professional land surveys for their services to home buyers. Perhaps many new homebuyers or land purchasers do not realise the significance of such a survey and the ways in which it can ensure accurate title, property value, and more. Purchasing a property is a major investment, and the relatively small cost of a professional identification survey can help you avoid potential questions, discrepancies, or problems in the future.

What Does an Identification Survey Provide?

An identification survey ascertains the exact boundaries of a parcel of land. It identifies existing buildings, fences, and structures, ensuring that these comply with all setbacks and other requirements. An identification survey should also show the adjacent property boundaries, checking that there are no encroachments from these. Your surveyor will have extensive knowledge of the local covenants and land use restrictions, and will assess your property for adherence to these, as well as identify easements on the site. This survey can determine if there are any encroachments by or upon the land or upon any easements.This survey should only be completed by a licensed and registered surveyor.

Isn’t a Survey Affidavit Enough?

When purchasing a new property, some buyers are asked to sign a survey affidavit, stating that an old survey is correct and accurate. This can be a major problem for the home buyer, who cannot be sure that the information in the earlier survey is up-to-date and that the property has not undergone any alterations. The buyer also will not be certain whether or not the previous survey was conducted by a reputable, licensed surveyor. A new identification survey by an established professional can give the owner peace of mind, providing confirmation that there will be no future property disputes, violations, or related issues. The surveyor can assess the land to check for changes or additions to a property. This is especially important if there has been new construction since the previous survey was taken. The fresh survey will double check for encroachments with the new structures.

Without a correct survey showcasing the property characteristics early on, property owners or homeowners could risk problems such as the house or other structures encroaching over the property line or over utility easements, buildings situated under power lines, encroachments into flood zones, and more.

You should always protect yourself and your important property investments by ordering a professional identification survey from a reputable surveyor in your area. Questions about surveying services or need to request an identification survey? Contact us today at Leslie & Thompson. Serving properties across the Shoalhaven, we’ll assist you with all your surveying and land mapping needs.