Surveying After Bushfires 

One of the first stages of rebuilding after a bushfire is surveying. This might be a ground survey so an architect can do a new design or re-establishing boundary lines so fences can be replaced. 

A property’s boundaries are reliant on a number of factors including plans held in the NSW Land Registry office, permanent survey marks on site and steel or concrete marks buried in the ground. Bushfires can significantly damage markings and care should be taken during the clean-up phase to preserve the original location of the fence.

Sometimes the original fence may not have been erected on the actual boundary, and the services of a licensed surveyor will need to be engaged. 

Surveying in Kangaroo Valley

We have been carrying out a lot of surveys in Kangaroo Valley over recent weeks. With the  bushfire recovery underway, we are helping Kangaroo Valley residents with

  • Re-establishment of boundary lines for fence replacement 
  • Contour and detail surveys for architects and landscape architects
  • Lot consolidation and boundary adjustments

In some areas, the absence of undergrowth has created a window of opportunity to survey boundary lines which are normally inaccessible. 

Give us a call for an obligation-free chat about how we can help you.

Public Land Boundary Fencing Program

The ‘supporting our neighbours’ public land boundary fencing program is a $209 million dollar initiative from the NSW Government to help bushfire- affected landholders with the cost of rebuilding boundary fences that adjoin public lands.  

If you are a private landholder and you were impacted by the black summer bushfires, you could be eligible to receive a contribution of up to up to $5000 per square kilometre to replace damaged boundary fences. 

Public lands are considered to be

  • Crown reserves, tenured roads and leases
  • Roads managed by Roads and Maritime Services or Local Government
  • National parks
  • Forestry Corporation land
  • Traveling stock reserves


Applications are now open and funds are to be allocated before 30th June 2021