When Do You Need Large Area Mapping?

While land surveying services are a common need of residential property owners, they are also in high demand for commercial, industrial, or civic works projects. In many instances, such projects are extensive, and require the expert knowledge and skills of professional surveyors who specialise in large-scale projects. Land surveying and mapping have a wide span of uses and purposes. Large area mapping, sometimes referred to as large-scale mapping, is a specialty service land surveyors offer for sizeable or significant projects. The methods and approach for such services are uniquely tailored, and include tools and strategies not commonly employed in traditional, small-scale, or residential land surveying. Here at Leslie & Thompson we combine aerial photography, GPS satellite technology, and other means to generate the necessary large scale maps and data needed for major infrastructure projects.

The Unique Nature of Large Scale Projects

Major projects demand the services of a true professional. When it comes to large scale infrastructure works it is essential to entrust your needs to only the most highly trained, fully certified professional land surveyors. Large area mapping involves more than simple surveying techniques, though those will be applied as necessary. Our team at Leslie & Thompson makes use of advanced drone technology with UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) to capture detailed images of land and terrain from the air. Combining this with GPS satellite data we are able to create accurate comprehensive large scale maps as well as generate digital models that are used by engineers, architects, and others.

Types of Projects Well-Served by Large Area Mapping

● Roadworks
● Bridges
● Rail construction or repair
● Excavation
● Mining site preparation
● Large subdivision
● Utilities installation or repair
● Water systems
● Civic or industrial construction

Does Your Project Need Large Scale Mapping Services?

Generally, it is major infrastructure projects or other large construction works that necessitate these large area mapping services. When a significant area of land is being prepared for building or excavation, land mapping and surveying can ensure that crucial information is obtained for work to proceed safely and correctly. Surveying is a vital element with regards to legalities, potentially saving a contractor or architect thousands of dollars by establishing and checking lawful property boundaries. But land mapping also ensures the safety and compliance of future work, indicating the presence of subterranean utilities, notable land masses, or other issues of concern. Lastly, land mapping and surveying can examine the ecological impact that a project would have, making this an important service for organisations who seek to pursue sustainable practices.

Preparation of digital terrain models is an effective surveying service for such projects as well. This is a topographic map generated from precise data point measurements focusing only on the terrain itself (and not surface-level elements). Providing a low resolution measurement, this option is ideal for large plots of land, and the resulting 3D models prove highly effective for the continued progress of a project.

Need further details on our surveying and land mapping services? Whether your project is commercial, industrial, or residential, our team can help. To work with the finest Shoalhaven surveyors, get in touch with Leslie & Thompson today.