Choosing the Right Land Surveyor

Buying or selling a home? Planning construction or development on a property? In these situations and many more, you need the services of an expert land surveyor. Surveying determines the precise boundaries of a parcel of land and can assist with the early stages of building projects in terms of safety and regulations. When it comes to choosing the right surveyor, many people focus primarily on price. But is an inexpensive survey the best option? Instead, consider a few key things to look for and important questions to ask to help you select the best survey provider for your land mapping and survey needs.

Choose a trusted professional.

An established reputation speaks volumes. If you’re seeking a surveyor in the Shoalhaven region, ask friends and colleagues whom they’ve employed in the past. A great reference can tell you so much about which surveyor is honest, skilled, and will offer you the most comprehensive and accurate results. Make sure, above all, that you choose a certified surveyor who is licensed to work in your state.

Opt for a land surveyor who protects their people.

Does your land surveyor have workers compensation? While many Australian states and territories require this of employers, it’s vital for you to know that your company has coverage. Should a member of the survey team be injured on your property, workers compensation and other types of business insurance will let you know this company is responsible and you’re protected from liability. In addition, this demonstrates a commitment to safety and accountability: a quality a top surveyor should definitely display.

Look for a surveyor experienced in the service you’re seeking.

Professional surveyors handle a diverse range of projects, including identification surveys, large area mapping, engineering surveys, and more. Depending on your needs, you should seek out a surveyor who has experience in the type of survey you require. This ensures the best possible outcome of their work. At Leslie & Thompson, we handle a variety of services for homeowners, contractors, architects, and engineers and bring our varied expertise to the table.

Ask your surveyor about ongoing training and the latest technologies.

As you select your Shoalhaven surveyor, you will want to consider a company’s approach to continued training and skills development. Does the surveyor invest in further education opportunities for their team? Are they using the most advanced technologies and equipment available? A friendly and accomplished survey team should be more than happy to answer these questions for you. Survey technology has come a long way over the past several decades, and your surveyor should demonstrate a commitment to continual improvement and keeping up with the times. This reflects a dedication to excellence.

Find out how the survey team checks their work.

A land surveyor will complete your survey or land mapping services as necessary, but there’s more work to be done. The best surveyors always check their work for accuracy. This attention to detail is of the utmost importance. Ask the survey company how they ensure their work is correct. Their answers should include reviews of existing or current maps and surveys, consultation of property documents, and repeat checks on their data.

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