What is a Feature and Level Survey?

Among the many types of surveys needed for a building or development project, one commonly required option is the feature and level survey. This type of survey is often one of the first needed when a project is proposed on a parcel. Feature and level surveys (also commonly referred to as contour surveys or detail and level surveys) will assist throughout all steps of a project. Engineers, council, architects, and arborists, among others, will use the information gathered to accurately and effectively deliver their services and issue relevant documents and permits. Read on to find out more about these type of surveys and when they are required.

When do you need a feature and level survey?

The beginning stages of any development or redevelopment project will likely require such a survey. Your local council requires specific information about the parcel of land you are building on or modifying. This allows the project to proceed with authorisation and the proper permits. The survey results will also be utilised by builders, architects, and others as they move forward with your project.

What does the feature and level survey measure?

These surveys provide details about the entirety of a parcel and property, as well as adjacent properties and elements in the street area. This information includes not only visible surface aspects, but details underground structures and elements as well. A feature and level survey reviews the ground level and contours of the land, identifies existing and adjoining structures on the surface including current buildings and fences, shows trees and other vegetation, and identifies underground factors such as drains and utility services. Together, these elements comprise the entirety of your parcel.

Why is this important?

The feature and level survey serves many purposes for your building project. One of the most useful is that permanent site control can be established and co-ordinated to a local datum or Map Grid of Australia (MGA) and elevations referenced to Australian Height Datum (AHD). This allows for continuity and standards for each aspect of the development project.
A proper feature and level survey sets the tone for the rest of the project. The findings of this survey will influence what will follow in terms of design, construction, development of the land, and subdivision of the parcel. Having this survey completed at the start of the process ensures that no major, costly mistakes are made as construction proceeds.

Surveys by Leslie & Thompson

After your survey has been finalised, a plan will be prepared in a digital format such as CAD, providing ease of use for all contractors, engineers, etc. We can also produce a hardcopy for your convenience .

Whatever your needs may be, Leslie & Thompson has the knowledge and experience to handle your survey requirements. We provide a wide range of residential surveying services from Wollongong to Batemans Bay for homeowners, prospective buyers, and architects, as well as major construction projects for contractors, engineers, and developers. Leslie & Thompson will be happy to assist you throughout the process, from pre-purchase analysis to final touches and renovation. Get in touch with us today to discuss your upcoming project.