Identification Surveys

When buying or selling land, it is prudent to obtain an identification survey to ensure that there are no encroachments by or upon the land and that buildings comply with council setbacks. In the case of vacant land, a survey will mark the corners and identify the land you are buying.

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Leslie and Thompson can provide advice on the feasibility of subdividing your land. We will prepare the Development Application for lodgment with Council and arrange for any specialist reports which may be required. On approval, we will manage all aspects of the project and carry out the final pegging and preparation of the subdivision plan to be lodged at Land & Property Information.

Strata and Community Title Subdivisions

To sell individual units in a residential or commercial development , they need to be subdivided so that each unit has a separate title. This can be done by a simple Strata subdivision or by Community Title. Leslie and Thompson can advise on the most appropriate form of subdivision and prepare the plans for lodgement at Land and Property Information.

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