Residential Surveys in NSW

Residential Surveys in NSW

Homeowners and property investors alike frequently find themselves in need of the services of a licensed land surveyor. The provided services from a company like ours include a range of residential surveys for NSW residents and contractors, aimed to ensure better, more-informed decisions for buying, selling, and renovations.


Industrial operations and others who need commercial surveying may be more familiar with the demands of the field. From start to finish, major projects often involve the work and data of a registered land surveyor. If you’re a residential client, chances are surveying enters your mind less frequently. You may have a vague understanding of what surveying is all about. However, when the time comes to buy or sell a property or even to make renovations to your home, you’ll want to have a passing knowledge of the residential surveying services you’ll need. We’re here to help you have a better understanding, so that you can make the most informed decision possible.


What are residential land surveys?

From pre-purchase steps to planning for a home addition or renovation: it’s important to know the boundaries and building potential of your land and property. When buying a home or an empty area of land, residential land surveys ensure accurate measurements of a plot’s boundaries so you can know precisely what you’re buying. This type of information is vital for a buyer or builder to be certain the property is not encroaching on a neighbouring property or vice versa. It also enables accurate tax assessments and helps prevent legal troubles in the future. In other words, a residential land survey for a potential buyer ensures that a property has no “hidden issues”—at least not in terms of property lines. Want to save yourself money and stress for the future? Get a residential land survey when buying a home!


Do you need a land survey?

Unsure if you need a land survey? If you’re buying a property, you definitely do. The type of survey described above is typically referred to as an identification survey. At its most basic level, an identification survey identifies areas of interest. Data is collected through the latest, most advanced surveying technology, and a detailed survey generated. This will note the exact bounds of your property, ensuring no encroachments exist and confirming compliance with council setbacks. As your lot is assessed, remote technology can also be employed to measure the adjoining neighbours’ lots as well. This ensures the best possible accuracy of data.


You’ll also likely need another type of residential survey if you’re planning a new home build or preparing a significant home renovation that will alter or enlarge your existing home structures. This might include a home addition or extension. A site survey is paramount for your architect and/or home builder. These comprehensive surveys analyse not only your property boundaries but include existing structures, trees, and other surface or subterranean features. These are key points for builders to be aware of, and ensure your home build or renovation can be completed safely, legally, and with respect to your current property boundaries. A project should not begin without the proper survey and data analysis.


Choosing your NSW land surveyor.

Surveys can help you avoid legal worries or concerns and ultimately, have the potential to save you thousands of lost dollars. Why face the potential for costly mistakes? Get your residential land surveys done and get them done right. If you’re seeking a qualified land surveyor in NSW, Leslie & Thompson are an outstanding choice. Professional, friendly, and focused on excellence, you can depend on our team to complete the most accurate surveys, at the right price. Let us handle your survey needs so you can spend more time on what matters to you. Give Leslie & Thompson a call today.