Do I Really Need a Surveyor?

Buying or selling a home? Developing a property or subdivision? Planning a construction project?

What these circumstances all have in common is that they deal with land and property. In these situations and others, multiple tasks are needed to accomplish the end goal. From planning and preparation to executing the actual build and finishing, not to mention the administrative details. With plenty on your to-do list, it can be tempting to want to skip over one or two of the steps. Perhaps you wonder if a survey is truly a necessary piece of the process. Could it be skipped? Can you pass on the land survey and still end up with a successful result?

The answer is no. While we understand the desire to want to power through some of the early details in your project, surveying is one that simply cannot be ignored. In addition to its importance in legal and administrative matters, practically, it sets the base for an effective project and helps assure progress is continuing correctly. Below are just a few of the reasons you should be sure to obtain a professional survey from a licensed surveyor.

Knowing Your Purchase

Residential identification surveys are an important item for home buyers. The purchase of an existing home or plot of land is a significant investment. A survey protects this investment by ensuring accuracy of the data connected with your property. These surveys measure boundaries so you can be informed of the precise dimensions and borders of the land/home you’re buying. This is necessary not only for legal reasons (for tax purposes and to avoid encroachment on adjacent properties), it also gives you important information for the future, should you choose to expand or renovate your home, or to sell the land.

Both residential and commercial properties may also require surveys for insurance purposes. The data gathered during these processes can help insurers determine the limits on your policies or assess the compensation you may be entitled to in case of natural disaster or other misfortune.

Avoiding Costly Errors

No matter your position (buyer, seller, developer, contractor), a land survey can mean the difference between a triumphant project result and an expensive mistake. The most minor inaccuracies can have dire consequences when it comes to land and building development. It is therefore absolutely necessary to take the time to obtain the proper survey data before beginning work on a project of this nature. It’s also the reason that you should be sure to choose a trusted, licensed land surveyor.

A land surveyor’s findings, measurements, and data become an integral part of your construction project, property purchase decision, or subdivision design plan. The work of the land surveyor is highly vital and has tremendous influence over the end result of a project. Without their expert input, a minor mistake or a factor ignored could result in an error costing thousands of dollars to rectify. In some cases, it could even mean the total dissolution of a project. Don’t leave your investments and property work to chance. Get the survey when you need it.  

Maintain Quality & Excellence

For contractors and developers, it isn’t just about a single project either. Surveying and/or land mapping services are needed each and every time. This kind of consistency and commitment to superlative work is part and parcel of building your reputation, and what keeps you in business. Top quality land survey work is unquestionably necessary for developers on industrial, commercial, or civic works projects. In these instances, you should also seek out skilled, knowledgeable surveyors who specialise in these types of large-scale projects.

Now you now you really need a survey: it’s time to book in. Get in touch with our team at Leslie & Thompson today to plan your surveying services. It’s the best decision you’ll make for your project.